Legal Invoice Review


Legal costs can be an expensive component of conducting business. It is to our clients’ advantage to analyze and review all legal billings to ensure adherence to an applicable industry standard. While corporations want to compensate providers of legal services for reasonable and necessary activity, a thorough vetting of billings is prudent. A professional review can furnish, in detail, useable data delineating compliant, reimbursable fees and expenses, as well as flag charges that may not be in keeping with services rendered. The Legal Bill Review Services practice provides invoice analysis, reconciliation and negotiation across a variety of industry sectors. A legal review is performed by fully qualified attorneys who have both technical and professional expertise. Typical clients include insurers, reinsurers, corporations, family offices, funds and organizations with legal costs.

Services include:

◆ Invoice Analysis
◆ On-Site File Reviews
◆ Reconciliations/Self Insured Retention (SIR)
◆ Policy Erosion
◆ Savings Negotiation